Mission statement

Reason, main purpose and strategy of the creation of the Association

Dangerous signs around the family: According to obvious signs the family is exposed to a great danger in our country and in the so called developed world. Sexual relationships before marriage and cohabitation became nearly natural, a large number of children are born aotside of marriage, sole parent families are very common as well as divorce, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases. Depression, solitude and extrusion are also widespread. Intimate, homely and happy homes where family members love, support and respect each other are increasingly rare. Perhaps this is the most serious ailment of today’s „Western” society and is behind the lack of the individual’s instinctive happyness. Young people still dream of having a good family however it seldom comes true. It appears that the leaders of these countries do not pay sufficient attention to this segment of human life. Moreover certain signs indicate that several mesures and most of the media are even against the family. It is definitely worth looking for the reasons that are behind the deterioration of the situation. The explanation may lie in the roots of the present form of consumer society which is moving towards globalisation. As a hundred years ago people realised that protectiong the environment was necessary despite the fact that it effects directly the interests of production, enviromental protection could see the light as an interdisciplinary discipline. Similarly, today we are in urgent need of the elaboration of a new discipline, the one of family protection.

It seems that the life of an individual will be much more successful, harmonious and happy if he/she envisages to found a family as opposed to other forms of living together. On top of this man can harm others much less if he lives a family-centered life. Why are we a scientific association? Why do we choose scientific methods? Because we need to reflect on the basics in the most detailed way possible so as to be able to address anybody at any forum with authenticity. It is the scientific method that every forum should accept as it is founded on universal experience and uses a mature logical argument. This is what makes it scientific. The most important disciplines involved: philosophy, ethics, sociology, psychology, medicine, law, study of religions. One of the biggest tasks of the Association is to formulate a common minimum in the field of sexuality which can be reached unambiguously by the human mind through well reflected, pure arguments after the study of available experiences, teachings and theories. The general purpose of the Association is to carry out a wide range of scientific studies in the domain of family, marriage and sexuality, highlighting the right trends in the subject as well as identifying harmful processes, developing and supporting ways to optimally decrease harmful phenomena and increase beneficial processes and finally, propagate our findings. We aim to train ourselves in this domain as well as to conduct scientific researches, educate and spread information.

One of our objectives is to make family protection recognised as a new discipline. Hundred years ago man’s environment was in great danger and environmental protection became a burning necessity. Today it is the family that is in great danger therefore there is a same burning necessity for the creation of family protection. Polluting the environment endangered the quality of life of people and science came to help as it proved undoubtedly that we need to protect the environment if we want to live a healthy life. Today it is the lack of the formation of a responsible and committed image about marriage which is the foundation of families and sexual promiscuity that accompanies it are the factors that endanger people’s quality of life. Science needs to help. We think that science is able to prove undoubtedly that family needs protection if we consider the physical and mental health of individuals.

Let us quote from a 2006 publication of the Semmelweis University of Medicine: „Among today’s young people personality disorders in which emptiness, disillusion, boredom, self-centered risk seeking and lack of the ability to create long term relationships are essentially manifested. These various personality disorders are the result of the ill functioning of families in our days. No atomic bomb or environmental pollution causes a more serious threat to the survival of humanity. While a child born into a family which fulfils the requirements of its physical and mental development is the most efficient investment for society, if these are not fulfilled, the new born child causes the most serious long term risk.” (The quality of life of Hungarian society at the turn of the Millenium, Semmelweis Publishing, 2006). It seems that without the aspiration for a unique sexual partner there is no real possibility of creating physically and mentally healthy families, on the contrary, more and more physical and mental illnesses are caused. Culture is meant by the knowledge accumulated throughout millenaries in the field of questions like „what is true?” (science), „what is good?” (ethics) and „what is beautiful?” (arts). It was revealed that man in general is able to experience life as true, good and beautiful if he lives in a family based on the aspiration to have a unique and responsible sexual relationship. Neither uniqueness nor responsibility can be left out. They are what makes a marriage marriage and a family family. The idea of a family is one of the greatest inventions of the history of mankind. In the last decades, in what we call consumer society we experience the intention to attack the responsible character of the family as well as the fact that it is based on a unique partner, in other words, its essence. Without these it is understandable that no real families can exist. No wonder that the world ended up where it is.

Planned tasks:

a. Compiling the most important principles of family and married life as well as sensible ways of living out sexuality and their analysis by scientific methods such as philosophical, psychological epidemiological, sociological, historical, medical, legal and economical analysis.

b. Charting the contemporary practice in Hungary in the topic

c. Identifying the main obstacles to the creation and maintenance of good marriages and loving families analysing them and developing strategies for fighting these obstacles.

d. Comparing the principles deemed right with the existing practice, analysing the reasons for the differences between them, ranking the harmful factors according to their gravity, elaborating trends in order to decrease the difference between principles deemed right and practice.

e. Carrying out scientific studies, training, propagation of knowledge and formation of viewpoints in this topic.

f. Gathering a group of experts to carry out research in the theoretical field as well as to fulfil practical tasks.

g. Presenting to the public our national and international results obtained in this domain by means of the media, conferences, talks, training courses as well as publishing books, booklets, leaflets and managing a website.

h. Making contacts with organisations in Hungary and abroad who operate in a similar field.

i. Indicating directions for research and education, developing short, medium and long term action plans.

j. Developing systematic programmes so that the results obtained in the fields of sexuality, marriage and family can be widely propagated in the domains of science, home, school, media, churches and politics

k. Taking a stand on scientific results concerning questions on marriage, family and sexuality.

l. Outlining the correct way of living out our sexuality in today’s and the ideal society in Hungary. Charting what are the differences from this in today’s Hungarian society. Providing help on how a child should prepare and be prepared for life from school age regarding sexuality. What the family, school, media, churches and politics should do.

m. Announcing and granting scholarships for the outlined activities and scientific research.

n. The Association creates funds for its activities by following the traditional strategies of fund creation.

The Association’s planned way of functioning: Formulating basic definitions, principles and connections relating to the family, contacting renowned professionals and forming a group of experts. Making use of the accumulated and created knowledge to carry out the tasks named above, to decrease the negative tendencies and to support positive initiatives.